US3835G U74HC238G
                                UPSR105G UASS103
                                UL0512G UHC1377G
                                UCA82C250G UCA82C251G
                                ULN2068BG UMD9128G
                                US3835G ULL12G
                                UT90N09L 4N50Z-TC3
                                9N50Z-TC UT02P06G
                                30NM80-Q UPGE20N60L
                                UPSR104G U74LVC2G132
                                U74ACT244G USS50AG
                                UTT65N20L USG40N10G
                                UPG25N120L 4N135L-P
                                4N150L-P F4N60G-TC1
                                F21NM50L USG50N12G
                                UGD9511G UTR2101G
                                UTXS0104G UNTS0104G
                                U74AVC2T45G UTXB0102G
                                F21NM65G UPG25N120L
                                UFR10060L UMUR2020CG
                                USG130N10HG 30NM80G-Q
                                LMV7235 UT120N08L
                                F4N60G-MHQ F2N60G-TC3
                                7NM80G-Q 8NM80G-Q
                                6NM80G-Q 40NM80L-Q
                                F21NM70L F4N60G-MHQ
                                USG80N06G F2N60G-TC2
                                F18NM70L F2N60G-TC3
                                F2N60G-LC1 USG130N10HG
                                UT02P06G US3822
                                FUF830K-TC USS443G
                                UMD9119G UMD9118
                                UHC477 UHC288
                                UD8971 LMV7239
                                UTXB0104G ULS56192
                                L5104G UASS101G
                                U8C3060G UMD9117G
                                UD24202G U74LVC1G09G
                                USRC8801 USRC8802
                                UD16203 UD05154G
                                ULV662G ULV8551G
                                USG50N06 USG70N11
                                UT15N06 UT20N03
                                UT2312 UT3414
                                USG50N065 USG50N10
                                UD9930(N-CH) UD9930(P-CH)
                                UT2321 UT3406
                                5N50Z-TC3 USG100N04
                                USG50N15 USG80N10
                                UTR4502 UTD413
                                UMD9120G UD05124G
                                UMX2110G UMX2211G
                                US3822 USG120N10
                                UT120N08L UT90N09L
                                F2N60Q-TD F3N60-TD2
                                F4N60K-TC F4N60-TD1
                                F4N65-ML F5N60-TD1
                                FUF830KTC 4N50Z-TC3
                                9N50ZL-TC 9N50ZG-TC
                                7P50G F3N70G-LC
                                F3N60G-LC 1N70G-LC1




                                Demo Board


                                                                                Package List

                                Catalog   ICs       

                                Power Management:
                                Linear Regulator
                                Low Dropout Linear Regulator
                                   DDR Termination Regulator
                                   Shunt Reference Regulator
                                   Step Down Switching Regulator
                                   Step-Up DC-DC Converter and Controller

                                   Voltage Mode PWM Controller
                                   Current Mode PWM Controller
                                Secondary Side Regulation Green Mode PWM Controller

                                   Primary Side Regulation Green Mode PWM Controller
                                   Quasi Resonant Green Mode PWM Controller
                                   High-Speed MOSFET Driver
                                Secondary Side Regulation Green Mode PWM Power Switch
                                    Primary Side Regulation Green Mode PWM Power Switch

                                   Quasi Resonant Green Mode PWM Power Switch
                                   LED Lighting Driver
                                   Supervisory Circuit
                                   Voltage Detection and System Reset IC

                                   Power Switch
                                   Power Factor Controller
                                   Li-Battery Protection or Charger IC
                                   FET Bias Controller
                                   Shunt Reference Regulator+Op+Comp (Combo IC)
                                   Inverting DC-DC Converter
                                   HID Lamp Controller

                                   CAPACITIVE TOUCH SENSOR
                                   SYNCHRONOUS RECTIFIERR
                                   Display Driver IC
                                   Magic Switch

                                Logic IC

                                Amplifier / Comparator:
                                Audio Amplifier
                                Audio Related Controller
                                Operational Amplifier
                                   Voltage Comparator

                                Analog Switches:
                                   Video Signal Switch
                                   Analog Multiplexers, Demultiplexer IC

                                   Voltage Level Translators

                                Hall IC

                                Special Application ICs:
                                   Motor Controller IC
                                   Interface and Driver Circuit
                                   Telecommunication Circuit
                                   Melody IC
                                   Alarm /Sound Generator IC
                                   Remote Controller IC
                                   Television Circuit
                                   Leakage Current Detector
                                   Automotive IC
                                   A-D or D-A Converter
                                   Radio and Cassette Recorder Circuit


                                Bipolar Transistor
                                   RF Tranasitor
                                   Digital Transistor
                                   Darlington Transistor
                                   TRANSISTOR ARRAYS

                                Dual Chip Transistor:
                                Complex Bipolar Transistor
                                   Complex Digital Transistor


                                Combo Power MOSFET

                                Power MOSFET Trench Power MOSFET
                                   Trench Power MOSFET_N-CH
                                   Trench Power MOSFET_P-CH

                                Power MOSFET Planar Power MOSFET
                                   Planar Power MOSFET_N-CH
                                   Fast Body Diode Power MOS
                                   Planar Power MOSFET_P-CH

                                Power MOSFET Depletion Mode MOSFET

                                SUPER JUNCTION






                                   Schottky Diode

                                   General Purpose Diode

                                   Bridge Diode
                                   Zener Diode
                                   Current Regulator Diode
                                   Varactor Diode




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